INITIALE® Acetabular cup

Hip - Acetabular components Primary


Cemented UHMWPE cup
Integrated with the INITIALE® stems product line

In clinical use since 2000.


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Cemented cup with metal markers used to locate the cup during postoperative X-rays
Cup design allows for cement layer thickness that changes with cup size (1.5 to 3.5 mm thick at radius)
Material: UHMWPE
Material for markers: stainless steel

Grooved outer cup surface ensures its stability within cement layer:
3 horizontal grooves provide axial stability
2 perpendicular vertical grooves provide rotational stability
Collar allows for cement pressurisation and cup centring in the acetabulum, which is reamed to match the collar's diameter
Openings around the collar allow excess cement to be expelled

Can be used in combination with acetabular reconstruction cage

The INITIALE® product line provides a comprehensive solution that remains faithful to the original concept:
INITIALE®: cemented primary femoral stem that is also available in a dysplasia version
INITIALE® Revision: cemented revision femoral stem available in various lengths
INITIALE® Cup: cemented UHMWPE cup
Reconstruction cage: cemented acetabular reconstruction cage