Patient procedures

Consultation with anaesthetist

The purpose of the anaesthesia or pre-anaesthesia consultation is to evaluate the anaesthetic and surgical risk, according to factors that might interfere with the anaesthesia process (medical, surgical, gynaecological history) and current treatments. This consultation is compulsory and should be scheduled 3 to 4 weeks before your hospitalisation. You should bring your recent medical exams and your current treatment prescriptions with you to this appointment.

This consultation allows you to learn about the process, put your mind at rest, and to define the anaesthesia technique that will be used.

Anaesthesia management is carried out by a team of anaesthetists.

It results in a written prescription of a pre-anaesthesia assessment. The anaesthetist will decide whether complementary exams and specialised consultations are required. It should be included in your medical records.

You will be offered the technique that is best suited to your health condition and is in accordance with your wishes.