Patient procedures

Living with an implant

It is possible to live almost normally with an implant if you have routine daily activities and sensible sporting activities, because most implants provide pain-free joints, good mobility, and on a whole, function that is close to normal. However, there are limits: movements that are too wide on certain joints (hip, shoulder) might cause the implant to dislocate and intensive physical activity would cause faster wear of the implant.


  •  Have regular dental and mouth check-ups and undergo all dental care while on appropriate antibiotic therapy. Pedicures should be gentle and done by a professional. Avoid intramuscular or subcutaneous injections in contact with the implant (risk of abscess).
  •  Consult your physician as soon as possible in case of infection: sore throat, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, sinusitis, etc., for an examination and the prescription of antibiotics, if necessary.
  •  Consult your surgeon as soon as possible if the scar is warm, red, painful, if there is any discharge from the scar, or if you have a fever and pain in the operated joint.
  •  Finally, if you are going on a trip to a country that is far away and the health system is rudimentary, consult your physician at least one month before to review the situation and remember to take out repatriation insurance.


You can live "normally" with an implant if you have a strict living hygiene.