HORIZON® II with holes

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Line of cementless cups with fixed BIOLOX® delta ceramic liner.
Ceramic is highly wear-resistant.
In clinical use since 2013. The original HORIZON® cup has been in clinical use since 1999.


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Cementless cups with holes on the upper quadrant for Ø6.5 mm cortical screws.
Primary fixation ensured by progressive +0.75 mm to +1 mm equatorial press-fit at radius (depending on size):
- Inverted chevron-shaped notches provide rotation stability.
- Horizontal parallel grooves around equator optimise hold of cup in bone.
Material: titanium.
Dual coating: plasma-sprayed titanium (80 µm) + HAP (80 µm).

Liner connected by Morse taper.
Window can be used to ensure good bone-cup contact on inferior side.

Composite ceramic liner that is resistant to wear and breakage.
Material: BIOLOX® delta.

The HORIZON® II instrumentation can be used during conventional surgery or with Computer Assisted Surgery (AMPLIVISION®):
- Computer Assisted Surgery of the cup and femoral stem helps to maintain leg length and offset.
The HORIZON® II cup has its own instrumentation set and one that is shared with the EQUATEUR® and HORIZON® II cup.