HORIZON® II without holes

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Line of cementless cups with pre-assembled fixed BIOLOX® delta ceramic liner Ceramic is highly wear-resistant.

The original HORIZON® cup has been in clinical use since 1999.

Important element
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Cementless cup without holes, with pre-assembled ceramic liner.
Primary fixation ensured by progressive +0.75 mm to +1 mm equatorial press-fit at radius (depending on size):
-  Inverted chevron-shaped notches provide rotational stability
-  Horizontal parallel grooves around equator improve hold of cup in bone
-  Material: Titanium
Coating: Plasma-sprayed titanium (80 µm) + HAP (80 µm).


Composite ceramic liner that withstands wear and breakage because of smaller particle size and increased density.
The pre-assembled liner helps to prevent incorrect intraoperative positioning.
Material: BIOLOX® delta.




Single-use impaction plate ensures shock-free impaction of the liner; the plate does not rest on the ceramic liner
Since the impaction plate is smaller than the cup's diameter, the edge of the implant is still visible intraoperatively
Fixation on periphery of cup
Material: Polycarbonate
The silicone O-ring helps to centre the plate and hold the liner in the cup during impaction.





The HORIZON® II without holes instrumentation kit contains either a straight or curved impactor.



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Outer diameter:

•    Ø46 mm to Ø62 mm
•    in 2-mm size increments
•    Ø64 mm size is optional



Inner diameter:

•    Ø46 mm to Ø48 mm: Ø28 mm
•    Ø48 mm to Ø52 mm: Ø32 mm
•    Ø52 mm to Ø64* mm: 36 mm
*Ø64 mm size is optional