Acetabular Reconstruction Cage

Hip - Acetabular components Reconstruction


Acetabular reconstruction cage for cemented cups intended for bone defect cases.
Can be used with dual mobility cups.

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Acetabular reconstruction cage that provides support for cemented cups in reconstruction cases where a bone defect exists.
Highly-polished surface finish; 2 mm thick.
Material: stainless steel.

Superior flange has 4 fixation holes designed for Ø4.5 or Ø5 mm cortical bone screws (screws not provided).
Fixation screws can be angled.

Superior flange angle: 40°

Inferior hook prevents cup verticalisation.

Threaded hole at bottom of cup is used to hold reconstruction cage during implantation.

Reconstruction cage can be used in combination with the cemented SATURNE® cup or the INITIALE® cup.