Daniel Caille is the founder and CEO of Vivalto Home, Vivalto Vie and Vivalto Santé.
Prior to creating Vivalto Santé, he started and ran “La Génerale de Santé” which became the leader in private hospital management in Europe.
He has opened hospitals all around the world, including Europe, Russia, North America and Latin America. He understands the challenges of emerging markets.
Under Vivalto Santé, he has devised a new successful business model where doctors are co-owners of the hospitals.
He is a highly regarded business man with extensive top level international management responsibilities. He previously also ran the following companies:
- Générale des Eaux, in the Environment Services and Water sector (now known as Veolia) with sales of ~US$16bn and presence in 100 countries including China
- Dexia Crédit Local France , in the Banking sector with net profits of ~US$400m
- La Poste, in the postal services sector with ~US$22bn in sales 
Graduated from the top engineering schools in France: Ecole Polytechnique (1971) and Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (1974-1976).