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AMPLIFIX® 3 and AMPLIFIX® 3 with Gentamicin surgical cement are used to anchor orthopaedic implants during hip arthroplasty


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AMPLIFIX® 3 and AMPLIFIX® 3 with Gentamicin are sterile, radiopaque surgical cements.
Because the AMPLIFIX® 3 Gentamicin version contains an antibiotic, it provides infection prophylaxis.

The AMPLIFIX® 3 and AMPLIFIX® 3 with Gentamicin package consists of two components:
- Powdered polymer (gamma sterilised) in a double-sterile bag (protective aluminium wrapping and PE bag)
- Liquid monomer (ethylene oxide sterilised) in a glass ampoule

It must be stored in its original packaging in the dark at a temperature below 25°C.




“Some devices may not be approved in your country, please contact your local distributor for further information”


AMPLIFIX® 3: Surgical cement - Low Viscosity

AMPLIFIX® 3 Gentamicin: Surgical cement with gentamicin - Low Viscosity








Other items: Syringe: non-sterile disposable (sterilise 18 minutes at 134°C)