Hip - Femoral stems Revision


Revision straight femoral stem.
Full HAP coating.
The INTEGRALE® Revision stem is part of the revision straight femoral stems product line (INTEGRALE® and GENERIC® Revision stems) that differ only in their fixation method.

In clinical use since 1999.


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Grooves increase the bone-implant contact area; they are closed proximally and open distally.
Proportionately-scaled sizes.
Impaction limit corresponds to HAP boundary.
Material: titanium.
Coating: Uniform 80 µm thick HAP.

Intra-medullary segment within metaphysis and diaphysis is identical to the INTEGRALE® Primary Femoral Stem.
Main difference with INTEGRALE® primary femoral stem in proximal segment:
-Neck-shaft angle: 135°.
-Neck was lengthened to preserve height of femoral head centre.

Oval impaction hole on top of stem.
Threaded hole used for extraction.

Main difference with INTEGRALE® primary femoral stem in distal segment:
-Anteroposterior bevel.
-50 mm longer.

Femur stem option within a product line based on the same concept:
-INTEGRALE® Revision: cementless femoral stem
-GENERIC® Revision: cemented femoral stem

Standard instrumentation set is similar to the one used with primary straight femoral stems.
Only the rasps and trial necks differ.