Hip - Femoral stems Reconstruction


Cementless femoral stem for reconstruction with curved diaphyseal nail.
The metaphyseal portion is modular and the nail can be locked distally.
In clinical use since 2001.


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Femoral stem for reconstruction cases, available in lengths of 250 to 400 mm.
Product line consists of 4 metaphyseal sizes, 6 nail diameters and 4 lengths.
Partial HAP coating.
Material: titanium.

Its 10/12 (5°42’30’’) taper and thin, highly polished neck allow for greater joint range of motion than with a larger neck.
Impaction limit corresponds to HAP boundary
Ovoid shape and grooves increase the contact area for secondary fixation.

Nail has an anterior curvature and channels to help with stability.
Different locking levels depending on nail length.

Femur stem option that fits within a product line spanning revision and reconstruction:
-GENERIC® Revision: cemented straight femoral stem.
-INTEGRALE® Revision: cementless straight femoral stem.
-OPTIMAL®: cementless dual curvature femoral stem.
-EXTREME® Revision: cementless anatomical stem.


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