Computer Assisted Surgery -

The AMPLIVISION® system can be used with any of AMPLITUDE's implants, regardless of the surgical approach used. Advantages:
- Adaptable
- User-friendly
- Small in size
- Accurate
- Fast


“Some devices may not be approved in your country, please contact your local distributor for further information”

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The AMPLIVISION® workstation comes with software that allows the implementation of the AMPLITUDE's implant product line.

Desired result for the hip :
Preserve leg length,
Optimise offset

Achieve the best possible range of motion
Reconstruct the joint's centre

Desired result for the knee :
Achieve a well-aligned knee
Optimise gap balancing, independent of knee flexion angle

Preserve the joint space (frontal and sagittal)
Manage the patellofemoral joint

Implant-specific navigation instrumentation is available for each procedure.


Dimensions – Lowest tower position: 53 x 41.56 x 76.35 cm (L x D x H)
Dimensions – Highest tower position: 53 x 41.56 x 109 cm (L x D x H)
Mass: 27 kg




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