Hip - Femoral stems Primary


Range of cementless femoral stems.
EVOK®  is available in three different offset options:

Standard, Lateralized and High Offset.
A collared version is available for Standard and Lateralized stems.


“Some devices may not be approved in your country, please contact your local distributor for further information”

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Primary fixation:

Quadrangular cross-section.
Press-fit with coating thickness.
Proximal horizontal grooves and distal vertical, grooves for higher contact area with bone.

Material : titanium alloy.
Full HA coating 155 µm.

Comprehensive and compact range:

Standard option collared and collarless — 12 sizes available.
Lateralized option collared and collarless — 11 sizes available.

Extra-medullary part evolves with stem’s size:
Lateralization and CCD angle are larger on larger sizes.
High Offset option collarless — 8 sizes available.

12/14 taper angle 5°42’30’’.
Flat surfaces under taper for a high range of motion.

Collar starting in the internal axis of the stem: Good visibility of intramedullary part at impaction.

Evolving collar dimensions.

Design allowing clearance to pass wires or chisels along the stem to ease extraction.

EVOK® instrumentation is user-friendly.
It is composed of 2 trays with efficient layout in surgical steps order.
A complete range of broach handles enables adaptation to all surgical approaches including direct anterior.

Female broaches : possibility to perform acetabular preparation with broach in place.

Color code enables an easy identification of options.