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High tibial osteotomy plate


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Tibial opening-wedge osteotomy plate that can withstand compressive loads of 4867 ± 944 N in cadaver testing.

Experimental testing of the stability of the Neosteo FlexitSystem tibial osteotomy

The proximal end of the plate rests against the tibial metaphysis; its curvature allows for contact at the metaphysis and diaphysis distally (below the opening-wedge cut).

The plate is only 2.8 mm thick at the fixation points.

No intra-operative bending needed; no sharp edges on plate.

Material: titanium

3 sizes available:

Minimally invasive plate with 4 fixation points

Size 1 plate: 63 mm long, 6 fixation points

Size 2 plate: 80 mm long, 7 fixation points

Screw or pin fixation possible; head is buried in plate

Simple mechanical fixation without locknut; dual-threaded system helps to lock screw head

Material: titanium

Tibial opening-wedge osteotomy plate:

  • OsTfix® plate: minimally invasive
  • OsTfix® plate: size 1 and 2


Locking screw pins:

  • Ø5 mm, length 25 to 75 mm (5-mm increments)


Locking screws:

  • Ø5 mm, length 25 to 75 mm (5-mm increments)


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