Hip - Orthopaedic table extension

Orthopaedic Table Extension with Exposure-Related Instrumentation
Meets the requirements associated with anterior approaches
Provides support during surgical procedures
Better exposure of surgical site

Important element
Product range


Appropriate height makes it safe
Single inside pad ensures comfort
Foot placement made easy with specific snap-in connectors



Indexed blocking system
Jacks increase stability
Gradual, controlled movements (primary traction, hyperextension and external rotation)
Independent traction and hyperextension systems ensure safety



Dedicated ergonomic handles
Engraved neutral positions make the system reliable and easy to use





Choice of connections
Specific connector






Universal orthopaedic support




User-friendly, functional design
Minimal size
Easy to store
Easy to install
Easy to transport
28 kg




“Some devices may not be approved in your country, please contact your local distributor for further information”


E.TO.I.L.E.® system Part No.: 2-0199977



Universal support for all types of surgical tables
Part No. 3-0499903





Boot, Size L
Part No. 3-0403401







Posterior pad
Part No.: 3-0403300