Hip - Femoral stems - Primary

Range of cementless femoral stems.
EVOK®  is available in three different offset options: Standard, Lateralized and High Offset.
A collared version is available for Standard and Lateralized stems.

Important element
Product range

Comprehensive and compact range:

  • Standard option collared and collarless — 12 sizes available.
  • Lateralized option collared and collarless  — 11 sizes available . Extra-medullary part evolves with stem’s size:  la lateralization and CCD angle are larger on larger sizes.
  • High Offset option collarless — 8 sizes available.



Primary fixation:

  • Quadrangular cross-section
  • Press-fit with coating thickness

Proximal horizontal grooves and distal vertical grooves for higher contact area with bone.

  • Material : titanium alloy
  • Full HA coating 155 µm



  • 12/14 taper angle 5°42’30’’.
  • Flat surfaces under taper for a high range of motion.





  • Collar starting in the internal axis of the stem: good visibility of intramedullary part at impaction.
  • Evolving collar dimensions.




 EVOK®  instrumentation is user-friendly. It is composed of 2 trays with efficient layout in surgical steps order. A complete range of broach handles enables adaptation to all surgical approaches including direct anterior.

Female broaches : possibility to perform acetabular preparation with broach in place.

Color code enables an easy identification of options.




 “Some devices may not be approved in your country, please contact your local distributor for further information”



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 Standard Option

  • 12 sizes — Sizes 7 to 20
  • Collared or collarless




 Lateralized Option

  • 11 sizes — Sizes 8 to 20
  • Collared or collarless





 High Offset Option

  • 8 sizes — Sizes 9 to 16
  • Collarless