Hip - Femoral stems Primary


Primary straight femoral stems.
Partially HAP-coated.
The LOGIC® stem is part of the primary straight femoral stems product line (INTEGRALE®, LOGIC® and GENERIC® stems) that differ only in their fixation method.
In clinical use since 1999.


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Grooves increase the bone–implant contact area; they are closed proximally and open distally.
Proportionately scaled sizes.
Impaction limit corresponds to HAP boundary.
Material: titanium.
Coating: Partial 80 µm thick HAP layer.

Primary stability ensured by ovoid metaphyseal cross-section that optimises metaphyseal filling.
Neck-shaft angle: 137°.

Oval impaction hole on top of stem.
Threaded hole used for extraction.

Distal third of stem is not coated and has a thin, distal end.

Femur stem option within a product line based on the same concept:
GENERIC®: cemented femoral stem.
LOGIC®: partially coated, straight femoral stem.
INTEGRALE®: fully coated, straight femoral stem.

The INTEGRALE®, LOGIC® and GENERIC® stems share the same instrumentation sets, which can be used either during conventional surgery or with Computer Assisted Surgery (AMPLIVISION®):
- Computer Assisted Surgery of the cup and femoral stem helps to maintain leg length and offset.

Several rasp handles suitable for the various hip approaches are available for use with or without AMPLIVISION®:
Posterior approach.
Anterior approach with patient on their side.
Anterior approach with patient supine.
Anterior Hueter approach with patient supine.

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