Hip - Femoral stems Primary


Range of straight, highly polished, cemented, dual taper femoral stems .

"Taper-slip" design

Available in four offsets. 

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« Taper-slip » design
This stem is intended to sink into its cement mantle with:
- Its dual tapered design
- Its mirror-polished surface
This subsidence creates an increased compression of the cement mantle, securing fixation.
Material : Stainless Steel

Up to 4 offsets available depending on size: 35.5, 37.5, 44 and 50 mm.
The polished mirror surface, allows preservation of the cement mantle and anchorage.

The depth indication marks allow reproductible insertion level of the stem compared to the broach, for adequate leg length reproduction.
Rounded shoulder: Ease of insertion without greater-trochanter disruption
CCD Angle : 125° throughout the range for reproductible offset
12/14 Taper.

PMMA distal centralizer allows for subsidence and central stem position in canal.

In order to give enough clearance for the cement mantle, the broaches are oversized compared to the stem

User-friendly instrumentation and stem introducer.
Composed of 2 trays.